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Lady Care Capsule for white discharge and Irregular Menstrual Cycle
leucorrhoea, white discharge and Irregular Menstrual

Treatment of patients suffering from leucorrhoea is usually done by steroid therapy, such as androgenic steroids and hormones. Use of such drugs over a prolonged period of time is often disadvantageous due to their side effects, even on long term usage. LADY CARE HERBAL CAPSULE is a unique blend of herbal drugs to take care of all the problems associated with leucorrhoea with virtually no side effects. This herbal capsule has a stimulatory action on the endometrial. Its tonic property improves uterine circulation and its antimicrobial and astringent actions on the mucus membrane of the genital system control leucorrhoea. The cooling and antiseptic qualities of Santalum album allay the burning sensation of the inflamed uterine tract.

LADY CARE HERBAL CAPSULE also improves the general health and relieves the symptoms like itching, irritation, backache, stomachache, excessive urination, lethargy and debility associated with leucorrhoea.

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